What’s happenin’, cool kids? Have you missed ye ole Weeknight ’80s Dance Party? I know it’s been a minute, but I didn’t want a mid-week holiday go by without having given you a slew of fun ’80s tunes to soundtrack your BBQ or fireworks display (don’t blow your arms off, guys — safety first!).

I thought about doing a Dance Mix of entirely patriotic songs, then realized that it would be difficult, as most of the songs I have that talk about “America” or the “U.S.A.” aren’t outwardly patriotic and actually have kind of a biting tone to them (oh, the Reagan ’80s). And then I wanted to do a mix made entirely of American artists, but that was difficult, too, because the majority of my 12″/remix collection is comprised of songs by non-American (mostly British) artists. The mix I ultimately settled on turned out to have sort of a sarcastic tone — at least, I think it does — and is still totally danceable (of course).

Enjoy and have a safe Independence Day! Unless, of course, you are not from the U.S. — then have a safe Wednesday!

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A. (The Freedom Mix)
Huey Lewis & the News – Hip to Be Square (Dance Remix)
Hall & Oates – Out of Touch (Extended Version)
New Kids On the Block – You Got It (The Right Stuff) (12″ Version)
Wham! – Freedom (Long Version)
Madonna – Holiday (Dub)
Kid Creole & the Coconuts – I’m a Wonderful Thing, Baby (12″ Mix)
Red Box – For America (Bazooka Mix)
Big Country – In a Big Country (Pure Mix)
Arcadia – Election Day (Fact & Story Mix)
The Jesus & Mary Chain – Surfin’ USA (Summer Mix)
Prince & the Revolution – America (Extended Version)
Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation (12″ United Mix)
Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (12″ Extended Mix)
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)

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