Author: Michael Fortes

Dave Mihaly

Parlour to Parlour, Episodes 49/50: Dave Mihaly

Spend enough time checking out live music in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually you’re bound to cross paths with master percussionist and composer Dave Mihaly. A long-time San Francisco resident by way of New Jersey, Dave has been adding his unique take on rhythm to a wide variety of jazz, rock and folk artists (Ara Anderson, Mark Matos, Sean Hayes and Jolie Holland among them) while maintaining a healthy output of his own compositions with his Shimmering Leaves Ensemble. Not only that, Dave is a magical conversationalist whose words – most often when not under the glare of a camera or the intrusion of a microphone – naturally roll off his tongue in seemingly fully realized poetry. Much like Mark Matos (episodes 42 and 43) and the Parson Red Heads (episodes 5 and 6) before him, Dave Mihaly had a lot to say. In fact, Dave had so many interesting and revealing bits to share that I decided to include nearly all of our conversation in a two-part episode, only the third time …