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Popdose is very sad to report that legendary artist David Bowie has died at the age of 69 after an 18 month battle with cancer.  The singer, who just turned 69 on January 8th had also released his most recent album, Blackstar, on the same day.  Bowie was to be honored with a concert at Carnegie Hall on March 31 featuring the Roots, Cyndi Lauper and the Mountain Goats. He currently has a musical, “Lazarus,” running Off Broadway. Born David Robert Jones, Bowie’s career spanned more than 50 years, taking off in the early ’70’s with such hits as “The Man Who Sold The World” and “Space Oddity”.  A chameleon, Bowie changed his image with each album during his heyday and is credited as being one of the leaders of the “glam-rock” movement.

LPP Montage Poster Shop Pic 2

Honor “The Artist”, Feed An Artist, Gift Your Favorite Little Prince

Last summer, POPDOSE talked with Seattle artist, Troy Gua, about his years-long celebration of a funky lil musical genius named Prince — and the lawsuit, global press coverage and short film (pun intended) that followed. Read the full interview here. As 2016 kicks off, we reconnect with Gua to discuss his latest project, one that could land your hands on this limited edition gem of a poster (see below): What inspired the Le Petit Prince poster project? LPP for those in the know. It was an end-of-the-year Instagram app that culled your 9 most popular posts of the year and compiled them into a grid for posting. I guess it should have come as no surprise that all nine of mine turned out to be LPP pics. I posted, someone said it would make a great poster, the wheels turned. Does this mark the end of the LPP era? It’s not the end of an era, but I had concentrated on an entirely new 80’s period series earlier this past year, so I thought a compilation would make sense and …


Review: Kurt Cobain – Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings (Deluxe Edition)

Kurt Cobain’s first solo record – recently released 21 years after his 1994 suicide and paired with a suspect “documentary” film project of revisionist mythmaking and iconography – is a jumbled, scraping-barrel-bottom mess of an affair. It’s not to say that, for die-hard fans, there are not things to like about it. There are moments of, I’ll go so far as to say, genuine beauty. The opener “The Yodel Song” shows how easily Cobain could toss off a Nirvana-style melody without giving a second thought, and tunes like “The Happy Guitar” make you feel like, alone sometimes, Cobain genuinely just had a good time making music, even if – maybe especially if – there was no audience to intrude sans himself. And, yes, the acoustic take on “And I Love Her” and the instrumental “Letters To Frances” are sweet. But for every engaging moment (an epic “Do Re Mi,” a frequently bootlegged “Sappy” demo, the Melvins-ish “Reverb Experiment”) there’s a lot of grime. The scattered montages and audio collages, while interesting ephemera, are dated sonically and haven’t aged …


BREAKING NEWS: R&B legend Allen Toussaint dies at 77

New Orleans musical cornerstone Allen Toussaint has died at the age of 77 in Madrid, Spain.  The award-winning artist was known for songs like “Working In The Coalmine”, “Southern Nights” and “Fortune Teller”. He suffered a heart attack shortly after coming off stage at Madrid’s Teatro Lara on Monday night;he was found in his hotel and resuscitated – but suffered a second heart attack en route to hospital.

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Keep It To Yourself: Sneaker Pimps

Like Run-DMC, me and My Adidas do the illest things. You know, slaying all suckers who perpetrate, laying down law from state to state.  And when I travel on gravel, dirt road or street, I wear my Adidas when I rock the beat. I’m guessing most of my KI2Y homies wear sneakers, too, at least some of the time. Maybe you go for that James Dean retro-style upstairs.  Maybe you sport those weird individually-toed “barefoot” sneaks, so you can feel the earth move under your feet, or whatever.  Maybe, if you know the right people, you get your kicks custom made by Etai Drori here in fashion forward LA.  But whatever your preference, you might want to buy a back-up pair.  That’s because the IP lawsuits are coming fast and furious and some models may be off the shelf faster than you can say Christian Louboutin red python Rantus Orlato Flats! It’s like so.  Consumers are presented with options like these: Which is which?  That would be Converse, Fila, and Skechers, going left to right on your screen.  Next up is the venerable …


Keep It To Yourself: Shaped Crusaders

Take a look at the picture above.  Do you know what it is?  Can you identify it?  Of course you can!  You probably remember its catchy “Gimme a break” jingle.  You might even be snacking on one right now.  The four-columned, snaptastic confection is so universally recognizable that its very shape is a trademark.  Or so one would think. Can shapes be trademarked?  The answer is yes, but unfortunately not the beloved KitKat bar.  Here’s why… In order for a 3D shape to be a trademark it’s got to be so distinctive that when people see it they know exactly what product it represents, and who makes that product. For example, you see one of these artifacts to the right and you recognize it as the container of the most ubiquitous high-calorie soft drink on Earth.  You may not know that Coca-cola was invented by a Confederate Colonel to cure his morphine addiction, or how much blow was in the original recipe, or that it was first sold as a medicinal cure for dyspepsia, headache and …

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Trans TV: The Big Debate About “I Am Cait” and “I Am Jazz”

As POPDOSE’s resident non-gender conforming correspondent, I thought it was high time to weigh in on this fabulous summer of Trans television: I Am Cait (E!) and I Am Jazz (TLC). What started off as a traditional television review (this is POPDOSE after all) turned into a more personal exploration leading to the question, Should Caitlyn Jenner be THE voice of the transgender Community? TV in and “on” Transition TV has come a long way since men in dresses were the punchline (M*A*S*H, Bosom Buddies) or Trans characters were relegated to that of serial killers or murder victims. Let’s not even talk about soap operas where female actresses are revealed as trans! in a shocking plot twist. I hear CBS’s Big Brother has a trans contestant this season, but that’s just a stunt. Let’s talk about people who are actually doing something positive. This summer, we’re being treated to two reality shows about budding icons in Trans culture. They have a lot in common; redundant titles (technically Jazz claimed the “I Am…” bit first), trans topics (“coming out” and “day in the life stories”) and captivating leads …


Keep It To Yourself: Finding Vivian’s Copyright

A few nights past Dr. Keepit and I watched “Finding Vivian Maier,” a documentary about an unknown photographer whose street scenes, cityscapes and studies of ordinary people rival those of the great Robert Frank and Diane Arbus. Maier didn’t exhibit her photos during her lifetime; she spent most of her years toiling as a nanny for posh Chicago families, none of which ever saw her work. In fact, no one saw her work.  She took thousands of photos, producing countless rolls of undeveloped film that she dumped haphazardly into shoeboxes.  In 2009 she died a Dickensian death, penniless and alone, her genius a complete secret.  Her treasures were left behind in storage containers she couldn’t pay for. A box of Maier’s negatives was bought at auction by John Maloof, a Chicago real estate agent gathering material for a book he intended to write about the city. Astutely clocking that he had stumbled on a gold mine, Maloof set about buying up Maier’s possessions, including thousands of negatives, films, audio recordings, and tons of personal detritus packratted away over …

Liberty Bridge over Allegheny River at sunset with Pittsburgh skyline

Welcome To Pittsburgh #3: The Gotobeds Sign To Sub Pop

Yes, the rumors are true, Mr. and Ms. Column Follower. Local Pittsburgh indie-rock superheroes The Gotobeds have signed to Sub Pop Records. Everyone’s people have dotted the dotted line and announced it to everyone else’s people in much-anticipated press releases shot around the Interwebs a few hours ago in a parlance that used to be called “hot off the presses.” (Kind of a dusty term now, inn’it?) It is, as they say, official. The ink is drying. Et cetera. For those just joining the program, The Gotobeds are anything anybody in the Rust Belt underground has been able to talk about since the group released Poor People Are Revolting, a winningly titled, Gerard Cosloy-backed full-length debut, in September 2014. Go to Mad Mex near Chatham University in Squirrel Hill, and the waiter taking your Big Azz Margarita order is saying how “New York’s Alright” is an “East Coast anthem with Wire-style electricity burning a hole in your goddamn ear.” Get some ink at Pittsburgh Tattoo Company Downtown and the girl Shannon’s inking is running her …

Star Wars Episode VII is coming. What else do you need? ( photo)

24 current reasons to be thankful in 2014

Sure, the government’s a mess, the environment is spiraling out of control and American cities are actually burning. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take time to consider some of the reasons we all have to be thankful. So everyone, please put down your torches and pitchforks long enough to appreciate the following blessings: 1) Your job doesn’t require you to balance anything on Kim Kardashian’s big shiny butt. 2) You’re not married to Robin Thicke, probably. At least not anymore. 3) Statistically, if you get pulled over by a police officer you still have a very good chance of not being shot to death. No matter what Nancy Grace says. 4) You’re not on Nancy Grace. 5) You’re not a Red Sox fan. Oh, you are? Er, sorry. 6) You weren’t in the last “Expendables” movie. Oh, you were? Er, sorry. 7) You didn’t let yourself get too attached to “Selfie.” 8) Your professional success doesn’t rely on cooperation from the Republican Party. 9) You didn’t have everything riding on that damn Benghazi report. 10) You …