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Podcast, Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode Five (The One You Can Count on One Hand)

Making way for a discount of a pre-determined nature involving digits, this podcast is quite the steal! ...

The Vinyl Diaries

The Vinyl Diaries: Air Supply, “The One that You Love”

Rob Smith declares his love of Air Supply in his new "Vinyl Diaries" column....

AJOBO, Music

AJOBO: Five Reasons Why This Monkees Tour Matters

I became a Monkees fan at age 11 after binge-watching their hit TV show on Nick-at-Nite’s Block Party Summer. Its run lasted all of...

Popular Culture, Theatre, You're Dead to Us

You’re Dead to Us: Broadway Musicals as an Important Cultural Force

A series in which we look at once common curiosities of pop culture that don’t exist anymore, be it because of changing tastes, the...

Humor, Music

Fight Courtney, F*** Winona, Be the Biggest Rock Star of All Time: A Scientific Analysis

Hole founder, rumored songwriter behind Live Through This, and all around difficult human being Courtney Love once remarked that,...

Mellowmas, Music

The Twenty-Third Day of Mellowmas: Silent Night, Monkee Hole

Appropriate for neither daydream believers nor homecoming queens...


Music, The Weekly Mixtape

The Friday Mixtape: 5/28/10 — Doin’ It A Cappella Style!

A cappella is defined as music that is sung without instrumental accompaniment. According to the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, a...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 61

Dave Steed is here with the senses-shattering 61st week of Bottom Feeders -- and this week, he's shakin' with the Money Man....


Music, Way Out Wednesday

Way Out Wednesday: Here No Evil — A Tribute to the Monkees

I’ve always been a fan of the Monkees. I watched the show when it came on the first time, and later when it was in reruns. I got...


Concert Flashback, Music

Popdose Concert Flashback: The Monkees and Peter Noone with Gary Puckett & the Union Gap and the Grass Roots, 11/2/86

I’m a college student in an arena full of fresh-faced tweens and teens, all hopped up on free candy and wholesome vibes, and...


Lost in the '70s, Music

Lost in the ’70s: Michael Nesmith, “Cruisin'”

Former Monkee Michael Nesmith closed out the ’70s in a better position than when the decade began.  After the Monkees disbanded,...