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The Popdose Interview: Paul Melançon’s “Depression, Ayahuasca, Cartoons” and New Music

Power pop secret weapon Paul Melançon preps new music that could have been no music at all....

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Dw. Dunphy On… Joe Satriani, Steve Scott, and “Altered Sweet”

Three great, very different recordings reviewed, and thoughts about why Americana is over (for me)....


Popdose Playlist: January 29, 2018

Good day, Monday morning quarterbacks! Once upon a time, long ago (well, not THAT long ago), Popdose had the Friday Mixtape feature, a...

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Music News: Anticipating the Imminent Reemergence of Paul Melancon

Like Harry Lime with a thumbdrive, here comes Paul Melancon....

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The Ever-Increasingly Infrequent Weekly Mixtape – March

On a dreary Saturday evening, it's random Mixtapery!...


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The Weekly Mixtape: 2/18/11

Popdose presents the Weekly Mixtape....


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CD Review: Paul Melancon, “Camera Obscura”

This review is late. Eight years late, to be exact but I do have an excuse. The only way I could have gotten it in on time would be to dust...


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The Friday Mixtape: 5/14/10

In the late ’90s and early ’00s, I went head first down the power-pop rabbit hole. I eventually regretted it for some reason...


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Hooks ‘N’ You: International Pop Overthrow

Pop rules. I mean, it must. If it didn’t, would David Bash sign all of his E-mails with that phrase? Actually, he probably would....