Does The Governator Have The Right Stuff In “Maggie”?

Well before his political days, action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in a flick called End Of Days. Biblically-speaking,  the end of days is the culmination of signs and wonders speaking of the last battle of heaven and hell. One of those very ...

Suburban Metal Dad #384. “Elf On A…”

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New on Blu-ray: “The Terminator Anthology”

The Terminator Anthology is an exclusive box set of all four Terminator films sold at Best Buy. It comes housed in a kick ass collector’s case that displays the Terminator cyborg skeleton head for every sci-fi fan to geek out over ...

Sugar Water: Super Cyborg Sunday

I’ll get to the cyborgs in a second, but before I do, I need to mention one last thing in regard to Wesley Snipes — in my three February posts you may have noticed that I said my lawyer/friend ...