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Music is magical. That’s the right word for it. Listening to music and being involved in creating music is what I love to do. My sisters and I have toured all over our beautiful country, played countless shows and sold thousands of records, but we realize that a career in music all starts with a really great song.

Songwriting is always our main focus before heading into the recording studio. Sometimes it’s polishing up a track we’ve played at concerts for months, and other times it’s a brand new idea that I throw into the mix, get opinions about, and if we want it on the record, we’ll collaborate in order to bring it to completion. The songwriting process can be beautiful, and sometimes it can be downright frustrating, but once a song is finished, it’s always rewarding.

Our fourth studio record, Jenna’s Song is an album that my sisters and I wanted to create out of honesty, focusing on our own life experiences; the ups and downs, twists and turns, and all the crazy adventures. Some of the new songs came from what I observed, and others from what I have lived and felt, but there’s always that one spark that starts it all.

Our title track, “Jenna’s Song” came about during a time when the band had been forced to stop touring due to the fact that I had lost my singing voice. Our youngest sibling (Jenna) came over one day while I was in the middle of feeling sorry for myself, handed me a guitar, and told me that I needed to cheer up and use my time to write songs that would make others “feel good.” She tells it like it is!

That was the spark I needed for “Jenna’s Song.” “You’ve got to give it your best and love with no regrets, listen to the rhythm beating in your chest. Be proud of who you are, don’t let them pull you apart, listen to the rhythm within your heart!”

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