Here in New Hampshire, it just yesterday broke 60 degrees for the first time since November, and we’re all in full-on spring fever, so I don’t know what the hell I’m doing listening to a song called “Grey White December” by an artist who calls herself I Am Snow Angel — let alone putting the track on repeat while I sail away in synthy bliss.

But here’s the thing: While I may not have much patience for snow or winter right now, “Grey White December” is a truly beautiful song — a moody pop confection that comes across like a blend of early Eurythmics and mid-’90s Donna Lewis. Now that I write that, I see that it shouldn’t work, but it does; even if you’re soaking in the sun right now like me, you may not be able to resist huddling in this song’s wonderfully wintry chill.

You can hear more of I Am Snow Angel’s music here; in the meantime, take a few minutes to experience the stop-motion delights of the “Grey White December” video, embedded below.

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