There seems to be a stream – not so much a trend – of bands/performers who have been releasing albums as of late with a “soundtrack” feel – small wonder, as many of the songs that appear on these albums have been aired in one form or another on various television shows, etc.  These releases all have very grand, bold production and theatrical/dramatic feel.  That doesn’t necessarily make them bad, but it’s certainly an interesting new sub-genre.

Such is the case with the new album from Los Angeles-based Right The Stars.  Fronted and led by Rich Jacques, The Only Thing is the band’s third album in four years (consistent!) and as several records I’ve reviewed in the last few months, tracks from Right The Stars have been heard on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”, “One Tree Hill” and others (I can say I’ve never watched these shows, so I remain unfamiliar with the songs and artists).  This record, I must say, is very well-crafted; aurally, it’s immensely pleasing to the ear; there is a great deal of melody and craft and some sense of varying in styles.

The title track starts the album and it is, indeed, one of those dramatic, slightly blusterous type of songs you hear in a T.V. show or movie – it isn’t bad by any means – just the style is now familiar to me.  “Suburbia” is an upbeat, dance-oriented track with a great hook in its chorus; an album standout.  “Kiss You Like The End Of The World” is another danceable track – catchy, melodic and well, neat.  “Almost Too Much” is a slower, very ’80’s sounding piece with echoed guitar, a sombre synth background and tightly gated drum pattern, but another album standout.  But it’s the album’s closer, an acoustic version of the title track, that takes the prize – warm, stark, gentle and gorgeous, celestial harmonies.  A surprise and a stellar way to end the 11-track collection.

If Right The Stars can keep releasing albums with this kind of well-structured material with the same top-notch production, they are assured of a place on many playlists and iPods.  The Only Thing – very good collection, indeed.


The Only Thing will be released on October 14th, 2014



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