Interpol and the Faint both staged massive artistic and commercial comebacks in 2014, so what better time for Long Beach, California’s Repeater to finally break on through to the other side of the Billboard 200? Foraged out of the remains of dark wavers The Main Frame (listen here), Repeater has been kicking around for a decade to perfect its dark and danceable sound. Based upon some advance spins of their self-titled third album, due November 18, they are ready for the moment in the sun… or at least the mirror ball at the club.

The last time around, they enlisted (and moved in with) Korn producer, Ross Robinson. The result was 2011’s We Walk From Safety. The album was, to borrow one of Heather Chandler’s last words from Heathers, “Intense”. Falling face first through a glass table is kind of what the listening experience is like (listen and buy here). The sonic assault is actually quite the rush as the album progresses, perhaps it’s the perfect soundtrack for CrossFitters dead set on crushing a filthy fifty.

But that was then, this is now. Presenting the world premiere of the first single off the new album, Repeater, here is “Lonely”:

Repeater (the album) is the breakthrough Repeater (the band) frontman Steve Krolikowski and a revolving cast of henchmen (and now a woman) have been working toward. This time around, they reset their phasers from “bludgeon” to “thrill” — the result is a delicious and intoxicating blend of crisp beats, sinister guitars, giant hooks and impassioned vocals wrapped in production that crackles with electricity. If you (ala fantasy football) drafted the best artistic elements of Nada Surf, The Postal Service, The Killers and MGMT into one supergroup, you would have Repeater.

For the love of God, I hope modern rock radio embraces this. Imagine Dragons, fun and (are they seriously still playing) Foster the People have had a good run, it’s time for something fresh. Diehard fans of the afore mentioned bands, not to mention the Chameleons, Cure, Placebo, Interpol, Stellastarr*, She Wants Revenge and the Faint will love this, Repeater promises to be one of the best albums of 2014.

Repeater Cover Art

Repeater is due to hit shelves on November 18th. Connect with the band on facebook, twitter or hit up their website.

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