Section 2: The Top 40

Indecent Obsession hit #31 with ”Tell Me Something.”

Information Society hit #28 with ”Think”

James Ingram hit the top spot in 1990 with ”I Don’t Have the Heart”

Inner Circle hit #8 with ”Bad Boys” and #16 with ”Sweat (A La La La La Song).”

Inoj hit #25 with the cover of Ready For the World’s ”Love You Down” and #8 with her cover of ”Time After Time.” Her only other single was a cover of Anita Ward’s ”Ring My Bell” which did not chart.

Intro hit #33 with ”Come Inside”

INXS hit the top 40 with ”Suicide Blonde” ”Disappear” ”Not Enough Time” and ”Elegantly Wasted.”

Russ Irwin hit #28 with ”My Heart Belongs To You,” another contender for least known top 40 hit of the decade.

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