Section 4: Bubbling Under

The Immortals bubbled under in 1995 with ”Mortal Kombat.”

Information Society bubbled under with ”Peace & Love, Inc.”

James Ingram bubbled under with ”When You Love Someone,” a duet with Anita Baker.

Ini featuring Pete Rock bubbled under with ”Fakin Jax.”

The Innocence Mission hit #117 with ”Bright As Yellow”

Insane Clown Posse bubbled under with ”Mad Professor.”

Intrigue bubbled under with ”Dance with Me.”

Intro bubbled under with ”Love Thang!!!” ”Let Me Be the One,” ”Ribbon in the Sky” and ”Feels Like the First Time”

INXS bubbled under with ”Taste It.”

Chris Isaak bubbled under with ”Can’t Do A Thing” ”Go Walking Down There” and ”Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing”

The Island Inspirational All-Stars hit #108 with ”Don’t Give Up.”

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