Hey everybody, remember back in March when Jeff and I made a guest appearance over at Dave Lifton’s rockin’ Wings For Wheels? And remember how you listened and thought, “these guys are idiots, I hope they never do another one of these podcasts again”?

Um … guess what?

Yup, it’s true. I had thought about doing a CHART ATTACK! podcast many times in the past, but like most of my brilliant ideas, it never went anywhere. Dave, who apparently gets no wiser with time or as a result of lame experiences, asked us to join him for yet another podcast appearance, and suggested we do it Top 10-style. Knowing that I’d never get off my lazy duff and do it myself, Jeff and I quickly agreed, and here we are, once again sounding like d-bags on the Internet.

Actually, Dave, Jeff and I had a great time recording this episode. Although you can see the Top 10 songs we discussed below, we explored numerous tangents over the course of our discussion: the new lead singer of Journey, Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, and my mother’s aerobics class, to name just a few.

For this episode, we decided to attack June 9, 1984:

10. Jump (For My Love) Á¢€” Pointer Sisters
9. Self Control Á¢€” Laura Branigan
8. Breakdance Á¢€” Irene Cara
7. Hello Á¢€” Lionel Richie
6. The Heart of Rock & Roll Á¢€” Huey Lewis and the News
5. Sister Christian Á¢€” Night Ranger
4. The Reflex Á¢€” Duran Duran
3. Oh Sherrie Á¢€” Steve Perry
2. LetÁ¢€â„¢s Hear It for the Boy Á¢€” Deniece Williams
1. Time After Time Á¢€” Cyndi Lauper

Juicy chart, right? We thought so too. So if you’re in the mood to listen to the three of us shooting our mouths off, come check out our appearance on Wings For Wheels!

Direct Download Link:
Wings For Wheels, Episode 52: CHART ATTACK!

(Dave Lifton, Jeff Giles, Jason Hare)

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