On November 18, Nick D’Virgilio announced he was leaving the band Spock’s Beard. D’Virgilio has been the band’s longtime drummer and, in 2003, assumed the role of lead singer upon the departure of Neal Morse from the group. In his statement, D’Virgilio said that it was a fully amicable split prompted by sheer financial need. His work with Cirque Du Soleil’s company band was paying the bills and taking more time. Spock’s, even with his admitted love for the group and being a part of it, could not compete with the requirements that a growing family’s finances demand.

The new lead singer, only recently announced, is the vocalist from the band Enchant, Ted Leonard. Leonard’s uncanny Steve (Kansas) Walsh-like range makes him the perfect candidate for the position, and the fact that Enchant hasn’t released new material since 2003’s Tug of War album provided all the impetus one could ask for. It has not yet been announced whether Enchant’s extended hiatus is now permanent or not, but I suspect we will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, it is probably a fair bet that Popdose listeners have heard neither the D’Virgilio Spock’s nor Leonard’s Enchant, so we’ve set out to remedy that. As always, if you like what you hear, go out and buy the music and put some bucks into these bands’ collective pockets (after all, lack of bucks is why D’Virgilio left, right? Left? Right? Company, halt.)

Spock’s Beard – Nick D’Virgilio

Looking For Answers (Snow,2002)

Onomatopoeia (Feel Euphoria, 2003)

Ghosts Of Autumn (Feel Euphoria, 2003)

She Is Everything (Octane,2005)

Enchant – Ted Leonard

Traces (Juggling 9 or Dropping 10, 2000)

Under Fire (Blink of an Eye, 2002)

Follow The Sun (Blink of an Eye, 2002)

Sinking Sand (Tug Of War, 2003)


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