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I’ve been unbelievably fortunate to have the opportunity to hear/be exposed to new artists who know how to craft great pop material in the tradition of those performers who I’ve loved over my musical lifetime – McCartney, Rundgren, Chilton, Bell, Nilsson and so on.  Once again, I have the good luck to hear not one but two in one sitting and on a single EP offering.  The A/B EP comes from An American Underdog, which is the moniker of Michigan native Andy Reed and Brandon Schott, L.A.-based singer/songwriter/musician.  Four songs, all originals and all on-the-one.  The Lennon-esque “Good Girl” from An American Underdog has all the right balances – great melody; strong/fitting vocals; perfect execution.  “Verdugo Park (Part 2)” from Brandon Schott has that Nilsson feel (circa Aerial Ballet) – dramatic build, a warm, memorable chorus and quality arrangement.  There are four songs on this EP; I will recommend that you get this EP upon its release on December 3rd so you can hear the other two songs and see for yourselves how good these two musicians are.

Looking forward to a full-length album from both.





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