Many of the amazing artists I’ve had the honor to share with you here on Popdose have something profound in common: their music captures what it’s like to be alive in this complicated, often perplexing, world. So many talented musicians have presented their own interpretations, often doubling as coping mechanisms, to make sense of what’s happening.

One Boston-area singer/songwriter looks to the bright side. Jared ‘KF’ Jones draws from his background in worship music and ostensibly plenty of good vibes to craft the ultimate salve for these dark times, his new single, “Turn Up the World.”

If Jones sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard his music before. With placements in TV shows from Married at First Sight (my guilty pleasure — don’t judge me!) to The Young and the Restless to NFL and NHL broadcasts, he’s racked up quite the resume. His new single, however, may be his most important work to date.

It’s easy to get depressed, think nihilistic thoughts, and tune out. But Jones literally invites his listeners to turn it up and lean into what the universe has in store. The R&B and pop backbeat is enough to get you moving and singing along, generating those healing energies. For just over three and a half minutes, the world doesn’t seem that bad.

Want a few more songs to escape with? Jones recommends these five tracks from pop and R&B heavyweights that heavily influenced his own sound.

“Remember the Time,” Michael Jackson

“Michael is by far my biggest inspiration. The greatest entertainer of all time.”

“Do I Do,” Steve Wonder

“Stevie is an incredible musician/creator who transcends time. Love the stories in his songs and how his songs take on a greater meaning.”

“Because of You,” Ne-Yo

“I’ve tried to model a lot of my writing style — lyric and melody wise  — after Ne-Yo, and then give it my own spin. He is a fantastic writer.”

“Nothin’ Else,” Justin Timberlake

“Justin is able to merge different styles of urban, pop, and R&B and cater to different musical tastes all at the same time.”

“Caught Up,” Usher

“Being a dancer myself, most all of Usher’s material gets me moving.”

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