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Popdose is pleased to present the exclusive premiere of “You Make Me Feel Like,” a brand new song from alternative pop duo Midi Matilda.

As Midi Matilda’s Logan Grime reveals, the new single went through a lengthy period of evolution before it was finally ready to release and he feels like it shows a different side of the group.

”We started working on this track at least three years ago and the fact that it has held on until now says something to me,” he says. “It’s definitely in its own little world apart from other songs we have released, and I like that. It shows some other colors we want to paint with. The trumpets on the song were played by our buddy Spencer Ludwig, who at the time was playing trumpet for Capital Cities. He came into the studio with us for a few days and laid a bunch of parts down on a number of songs we were working on. We always have a great time with Spencer and this was one of our favorite collaborations.”

Their debut EP, Red Light District, garnered positive reviews upon its release in 2013 and since then, the San Francisco-bred duo, which features Grime (percussion and background vocals) and Skyler Kilborn (lead vocals, guitar, kitara), have continued to release new music one track/video at a time.

Fans can stay in tune with what the group is up to via their Facebook page where they post a steady mix of photos, audio and video.

Midi Matilda will celebrate the release of the new song with a special hometown show on Friday, July 8 at The Independent.

Photo Credit: Egan Kolb

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