‘Tis the season, ya’ll! Seriously, where has this year gone? As 2017 comes to a close, I’m thinking back on all of the amazing artists I’ve reviewed for Popdose and wondering how the time has passed so quickly. While I battle that eternal mystery, I wanted to share with you three new Christmas tracks I’m loving this year.

It’s true that I practically binge A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector for a month straight, but I do deviate from time to time and enjoy other holiday tunes, mostly from my massive Spotify playlist I’ve built over time (which I might clean up and write about some year).

These songs below came across my desk over the past few weeks and I’m obsessed and, if you know me, you’ll know why I can’t get enough of these tracks.

Let’s start off with something as saccharine as a candy cane (and, this time of year, it’s what we’re all craving, right?). Meet Matteo Markus Bok, an up-and-comer in the same vein as Justin Bieber. If you shirk at the mention of the Biebs, though, you’ll probably dig what Bok’s laying down, especially this infectious holiday earworm, “This Christmas.” Fair warning: You probably won’t be able to get this one out of your head. Seriously.

Next, rising pop star Matt LeGrand covers Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas Means to Me.” If that name rings a bell, you might recall that I wrote about LeGrand’s song “All Good” back in September. Far removed from the party vibe of that banger, this one’s all class, suits, and pianos for a stunning rendition of one of my own, personal favorite Christmas songs.

Finally, and I admit, I may have saved the best for last, is none other than Dick Van Dyke teaming up with the incomparable Jane Lynch for the oh-what-fun instant classic “We’re Going Caroling.” One of my highlights of 2017 was seeing Van Dyke perform here in Los Angeles, and, now in his 90s, he’s still a superstar. His vocals and fancy footwork in this feel-good video will wake up anyone’s inner child. (Also, an Easter egg for Kids in the Hall fans — Dave Foley gets a “thank you” in the video’s credits, probably because his ex-wife Crissy was involved in production. No idea what part Dave played, but it was really just the cherry on top of this already fab find.)

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays! Enjoy!

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