In 2014, Popdose first premiered “Can’t Getcha Out“, an earworm single by Vancouver, BC singer/songwriter, Nat Jay. That track recalled another Canadian import, Alanis Morissette from far, far away in Ottawa. Her album, All I Think When I Wake Up, landed at #3 on that year’s list of our favorite pop albums, right between Tylor Swift’s 1989 and Charli XCX’s Sucker.

Five years, and five premieres later, we are proud to do it again, presenting ‘Bullseye’, the second single from her forthcoming new album. 

“Writing ‘Bullseye’ was a fateful experience for us,” Nat tells Popdose. “My producer Ovi (aka: Ovidiu ”Ovi” Bistriceanu, producer of Mia Martina, and Massari, among others) and I happen to live on the same floor in the same building and we always bump into each other in the lobby or parkade. One day I asked him if he wanted to try writing together, something he doesn’t normally do since he prefers to work on his own, without the artist there. The session was also something I’d never really done before. He made the track while I wrote the topline (melody + lyrics). I wasn’t feeling very confident, but somehow we came out with ‘Bullseye’ and even used a lot of the vocals we’d recorded that day in the final track.

A few days later we decided to work on the whole album together. I threw out most of the songs I’d been working on, and we wrote the majority of the album this way. There was something very synergistic about the way we worked together, and after trying to collaborate with several other producers, this felt overwhelmingly like the right choice. Strangely, this is exactly what the lyrics in ‘Bullseye’ talk about. After searching for a long time, finally finding what you’re looking for, and how good that feels. We had accidentally written the song about our collaboration while it was happening!”

‘Bullseye’ is available to stream or download on all major digital platforms. Connect with Nat Jay on facebook to keep posted about her new album, scheduled to be released November 22.

November promises to spawn two monster albums by my favorite Canadian singer/songwriters. On November 8th, we’ll get Portraits, the 4th dream pop solo album by Louise Burns (formerly of Lillix, one of my all-time favorite mainstream pop acts). Where these platters, along with strong recent albums by Taylor Swift and Charli XCX, wind up on the year-end best albums list is anyone’s guess, but what a great year for music (easing the pains found in the daily headlines).

Nat Jay’s cover image is courtesy of Bake Photography.

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