Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

All these silly things we want from love. But we need them. We feel them in our bones. When we find them we plate them with all the good things in life and stick a pretty garnish on them. Each piece gracefully placed. All of our attention to detail exposed. There to impress. Raw, but perfectly covered with a warm protective coating. That’s love. And that’s everything to do with it.

[Divine Fits, “Would That Not Be Nice” A Thing Called Divine Fits, 2012]

Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

Love is a club. Everyone jonesin’ to get in. Slanking through the velvet ropes in hopes of reaching the pulsing beat. If the bouncer hasn’t waved you in on approach, abort your landing. Breathe into the canisters that fall in the absence of oxygen. Inhale a heaping helping of love intelligence. Get off the ropes. Bounce. Good love’s in the wait, and settling is for sissies.

[Stew & The Negro Problem, “Love is a Cult” Making It, 2012]

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