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4 Other People You Should’ve Been Nicer to, and Not Just Because They Now Make Way More Money Than You

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This Photo of Your Face Before You Gained 15 Pounds Last Year Will Haunt Your Dreams

10 Horrible Things People Have Said About You That You Totally Believe

10 Horrible Things You’ve Said About People That You’d Totally Forgotten

10 Wonderful Things People Have Said About You That You’d Totally Forgotten Because You Focus Too Much on the Negative, You Miserable Little S**t

6 AMAZING Lives You Could’ve Led If You’d Learned to Take Some Friendly Advice Earlier in Life, But Nooooo, You Had It in Your Head That You Were ‘Special’ Somehow and That ‘Destiny’ — Whatever THAT Is — Would Take Care of the Rest

12 Ways Your Parents Really Could’ve Screwed You Up If They’d Cared Enough About Your Vague Artistic Ambitions

43 Times in the Past Year That You’ve Told Yourself ‘Today Is the Day,’ Then Spent the Day Binge-Watching a TV Show You Don’t Even Like

Cure Your Chronic Procrastination With This One Simple Trick Right After You Read About the 9 Times You Were on the Verge of Making a Brilliant Discovery But Got Distracted, But in Your Defense It’s Not Like Those CDs and VHS Tapes Were Going to Magically Alphabetize Themselves

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The Shocking Final Words of Your Confidence Right Before It Died

5 Crazy Myths About Self-Pity Being a Turnoff That You’ve Basically Believed Your Entire Life

You’ll Never Guess What the Length and Volume of Your Ear and Back Hair Reveal About Your Earning Potential

15 Illogical Phobias to Look Forward to as You Get Older

30 Totally Adorable 250 Sq. Ft. Studio Apartments Where You Can Die Alone

50 Mind-Blowing Articles You’ll Never Get to Read If You Recycle That Three-Foot Stack of Newspapers From 2013

8 Things You Actually Do Recycle That Shouldn’t Be Placed in a Recycling Bin, Which You’d Actually Know If You’d Actually Read the Instructions on the Bin

11 Classic Songs From the Late ’90s That Can Trigger Your Postcollege Depression in 60 Seconds or Less as You Wait in Line at Target to Buy Special K and Tube Socks

14 Friends Whose Facebook Pages You Should NOT Visit Unless You Want to Know Why Their Lives Are So Full of Excitement and Achievement That They Can’t Possibly Find the Time to Reply to Even One G**damn E-mail

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10 Classic ’80s Comedies That Can Make You Cry Now Because You’re Broken

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You Also Won’t Believe How Many Brain Tumors Are Caused by Schadenfreude

20 Inspirational Quotes You’re Far Too Cynical to Find Inspirational

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1,000,000 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now Instead of Clicking on This So-Called Headline — None Will Shock You

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