At this point, you might be asking, “Where’s the Christmas music?”

Buh-boom. Mind blown.

If you are not thoroughly worn down by the ever-presence of Christmas music by now — in the convenience stores, in the grocery stores, in the public rest rooms — we don’t know what to tell you. This particular Weekly Mixtape is not going to change anything either. We gave up on songs about Tom Petty not wanting to kiss his relatives a long time ago.

Love Me Not Tomorrow – We Five

Doctorin’ The Tardis – The Timelords/The KLF

Stranger By The Day – Shades Apart

Meatshake – Ugly Duckling

Please, Please – Stories

Riven – Withem

Inferno – Treat

Returning Empty Handed – Underoath

Woman Of Custom – Richard Wright

Lost Highway – Erik Norlander featuring Buck Dharma

Make Me Smile – Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

Woman In Love – 10cc

The Prisoner – Ron Grainer

Cinderella’s Baby – Tonio K.

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