Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m addicted to remixes and extended versions of ’80s songs. If a song has “12-inch mix” or “extended dance mix” in parentheses behind it, I’m in.

There’s something exciting to me about discovering an 11-minute version of a song I’d only previously known as being four minutes long. What else could possibly fill up seven more minutes? More verses? Different lyrics? Long instrumental breakdowns? I don’t care — I just want more.

When I go shopping for vinyl at my favorite record stores (such as Shake It in Cincinnati, Dusty Groove and Laurie’s Planet of Sound in Chicago), the first thing I look for are 12-inch ’80s singles — and the first artist I usually look for is Prince, just in case they have something I don’t already own. My iTunes library consists of about 8 GB of ’80s remixes and extended versions. And to answer your question, no, I’m not a DJ, though I think I would kick ass at the job and I’m pretty sure that had I been an adult in the ’80s, I would’ve been a DJ at a club decorated with lots of neon.

After learning that I have an ’80s remix problem, some of my fellow Popdose colleagues asked me — well, kind of commanded me — to create a feature of some sort to showcase my ridiculous collection. So this is what you get. This will likely be a weekly thing, depending on my life.

So, tease up your hair, put on some Ray Bans and get ready to have a mid-week dance party. I don’t have any fancy DJ equipment, so I can’t create a mix that will segue perfectly from one song to the next. You’ll have to just pretend that I did. Enjoy!

Heaven 17 – Penthouse & Pavement (12″ Version)
Yazz – The Only Way is Up (12″ Version)
Men Without Hats – Pop Goes the World (12″ Mix)
Michael Davidson – Turn It Up (In Full Cry Mix)
Kim Wilde – You Came (Extended 12″ Version)
T’Pau – Heart & Soul (12″ Remix)
Erasure – Chains of Love (Foghorn Mix)
Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better (Extended Remix)
Level 42 – Something About You (U.S. Remix)
E.G. Daily – Say It, Say It (Extended Version)
Madonna – Gambler (Extended Dance Remix)
Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (12″ Mix)
Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a Place On Earth (Heavenly Mix)
Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (Extended Remix)
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Dance Mix)

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