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Concert Review: Fleetwood Mac, Oracle Arena, Oakland, 11/25/18

Fleetwood Mac delivers a solid performance at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA...

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Popdose Profile: Buzz Osborne — A Walk With Melvin

Buzz Osborne doesn’t give a s*** what you think about the new Melvins record....

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Popdose Exclusive Song Premiere: Michael Colton, “Fever Dream”

 The past is all too present on “Fever Dream,” the swinging country rock reflection on good love gone bad offered by...

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Album Review: The Furious Seasons, “My Love Is Strong”

From the beginning of time, we have told stories through music. Whether it’s an epic battle of good vs. evil or a tale of woe and...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Vince Grant, ‘My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me’

Vince Grant’s story is familiar to many musicians: he left his hometown of Chicago to pursue his musical dreams in the City of...

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EP REVIEW: Winchester Revival, ‘Burden’s Landing’

While some bands’ inability to pin down their influences and genre may be a bit of an issue that keeps fans and execs at arm’s...

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ALBUM REVIEW: CommonUnion59, ‘Heartbeat Serenade’

Though their name might read more like your AIM screen name circa 1999, the duo known collectively as CommonUnion59 and separately...

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ALBUM REVIEW: John Helix, ‘Chronic Happiness’

Though upon first listen it’s evident that a whole host of influences came together to create the artist known as John Helix, the San...

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PREMIERE: Joe Con’s “Said & Done” Video

What do you get when you combine smooth, flowing, almost-spoken verses with an ear-wormy harmonica lick, simple acoustic guitars, a steady...

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POPDOSE EXCLUSIVE: Wetwood Smokes Premiere New Song

Though they’ve been men-about-town on the LA music circuit, building connections with members of Panic! At the Disco and honing their...

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The Popdose Audio Interview: Terry Scott Taylor of Daniel Amos

A conversation with DA's lead architect Terry Scott Taylor about the band's new album, Dig Here, Said The Angel (and an album review to...

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Book Review: Jack Kimble, “Profiles in Courageousness”

Political satire is usually pretty lead-footed. It’s hard to do well, with the result usually falling into the realm of smug,...

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Bourbon Street: Breaking & Entering

Bourbon from Alameda, California? What the what! ...

The Popdose Guide to The Beach Boys

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The Popdose Guide to the Beach Boys

A look at the songs and the story behind 50 years of the Beach Boys, American's greatest pop band....

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CD Review: Dengue Fever, “Cannibal Courtship”

With their alluring blend of vintage Cambodian pop and surf rock, Dengue Fever's latest release, Cannibal Courthship, earns praise from...


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Numberscruncher: Wither the European Union?

Abraham Lincoln was born 201 years ago last week. He was America’s greatest president because he took charge in a time of crisis, a civil...


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Basement Songs: Reflections on a School Closing

Families lined up to wait fifteen minutes or more for spaghetti served from a large aluminum tin, salad and a choice of lemonade or iced...


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Caught on Tape: The Day I Didn’t Disappear in Front of George Harrison

It was a day of unmatched California beauty; a startling and fiery sun perched high above in a crystal blue sky and blazed down promise. It...


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Test of the Boomerang: Izabella, “Drugs and Apple Pie”

Man, I miss California. I really do. I don’t miss paying exorbitantly high rent. I don’t miss the collective panic that sets in...


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Test of the Boomerang: Knockin’ on the Golden Door

No test this week, folks, as I am going out to California to visit friends and family and show off the newest member of our tribe....


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DVD Review: “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired”

Like any film student who worships Chinatown and loved The Pianist, I was intrigued by how Roman Polanski, the charismatic film director,...


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Political Culture: Keep Marriage Gay in CA!

On Tuesday, citizens of California will have an opportunity to place our indelible stamp on the forward progress of civil rights in the...