Coming to you in living color, from the heart of the global communications network to the darkest recesses of your imagination — this is the Popdose Conceptual Theater of the Airwaves.

Pull down the screen inside your head. Open your ears.

Are you comfortable? Then let’s begin.

Close your eyes…

And watch….

Greetings, Muggles. We’re back with our latest journey to the center of your head, this time with an imaginary soundtrack for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I haven’t got much in the way of notes for this one; most of the correspondences are pretty self-explanatory, I think — but of course I’m always glad to answer questions in the comments. Your suggestions are also welcome, as always.

So I hope you’re settled in — because it’s time to wake the snake…

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (1:21:55)


Conceptual Theater intro bumper

Home Is Where the War Is — Red Rockers

Our House — Madness

Crazy Little Rockin’ (Redheaded Girl) — Two Tons Of Steel

This Charming Man (New York vocal mix) [edit] — The Smiths

Overture (The Hair of the Snake that Bit Me) — Alan Moore with Tim Perkins and David J

The Flyer — Saga

Some Heads Are Gonna Roll — Judas Priest

The Unfaithful Servant — Rosanne Cash

Turn to Stone — Joe Walsh

Rachell’s Weepinge (16th Century) — Kronos Quartet

Magic Man — Heart

A Forest — Nouvelle Vague

Spiders — The Editors

Secret Place — Daniel Lanois

Villains — Los Pistolas

Diary of a Young Man [excerpt] — Television Personalities

King Ink — The Birthday Party

Long Snake Moan — PJ Harvey

Sword Of Light — Horslips

The Phoenix — Judee Sill

I Killed the Monster [fade] — Daniel Johnston

First Train Home — Imogen Heap

[ambience: distant trains, Austin TX, 2 AM]

Conceptual Theater outro bumper

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