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The Twenty-Second Day of Mellowmas: VEIHNACHTEN!

Jason: Weren’t we talking recently about our lack of Mellowmas songs in other languages? Jeff: We totally were. You’re about to make me wish we weren’t, aren’t you? They can’t all be as much fun as gentle, pine-crotched Wolfgang C. Gmoser. Jason: Well, as you know, I mentally block out each of our chats after we have them. But I’m never going to forget VERGISSMEINNICHT. Jeff: God, who could forget VERGISSMEINNICHT? That shit was horrifying. Jason: Well, yeah. That’s what I remember. I don’t remember what it means at all. Other than nightmares for days. Jeff: It means “forget-me-not,” and I recall that the CD I ordered you was supposed to come with a “surprise on top.” Was it a lock of Benny Mardones’ hair? One of Timothy B. Schmit’s talons? I’ve wondered all these years. Jason: I think it was the tighty-whities from one of the guys in Ambrosia. Jeff: VERGISSMEINNICHT! Jason: In any case, I think I might have found another VERGISSMEINNICHT. Not that there can ever be another VERGISSMEINNICHT, but if there …